How we got our Brilliant Start…

Denise and I were born Brilliant, in birth name, that is. Growing up cousins, we spent our younger years together, up until Denise’s family moved down south. Through college graduations, weddings and birth announcements we stayed in touched, despite our crazy families. I’ve always found it uncanny how similar she and I are especially when it came to our love of everything design, our passion for travel and most of all our sense of humor (even though mine is better!).   

Starting My Brilliant LifeStyle happened unexpectedly during a mother-daughter trip to Miami. Denise and I were both at a crossroads in our professional lives and we desired a change. As a single mom, Denise’s days were too long without much of a break to do the things she really loved to do, like travel. And I was floundering with my very part-time coaching and design business as I struggled to find the right balance between work and family life. Even though our lives had taken different paths, one thing held true for both of us at this point in our lives: we wanted a lifestyle that offered us MORE freedom, flexibility and of course, fun.    

Today’s modern mom can have her cake and bake it too (although Denise would prefer hers served to her). 

Our mission is simple:  Help other women redefine and redesign a life that works for who they are and what they love most. So no matter how you slice it, we’ll inspire you to be Brilliant too! 




Denise is a connoisseur of all things food, wine and travel. When she’s not behind her desk you can find her on the tarmac jet-setting to another new destination. Denise has a flair for styling products and creating brands that sell. She has worked with such names as Paul Mitchell and Coca Cola. Denise’s mission is to add a little sparkle and shine into everything you do, helping you to put your best foot, or stiletto, forward.

Denise does a brilliant job at capturing the true essence of your product or service by working one-on-one with you to choose the best images and design elements that highlight your brilliance. Denise will design a brand you can be proud to show off.


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Life Design Coach and Interior Stylist              

Lisa is passionate about helping women business owners create more balance in their lives AND their homes. Her approach to designing a life you love starts with Feng Shui and incorporates life coaching to support and manifest all that you desire from life.

Lisa strongly believes that our homes are a true reflection of our lives and by harnessing the energy around us, we can quiet easily improve any aspect of our life that feels off, out of balance or just plain uninspiring. When our surroundings are more balanced, our lives will flow more smoothly for more harmony. Her training in Feng Shui plays a large role in how she designs spaces always striving for simplicity, comfort and high style.