You know when you are building your bucket list and you come up with wacky idea of doing a Tony Robbins seminar with firewalk? Yeah, well I did that for you. You’re welcome.

I’m not a super big risk taker, I hate when people move my cheese, but lately I have been pushing myself out of my comfort zone. That’s where the growth is – at least that is what they say.


The whole day it’s in the back of your mind. Can I do it? I Can do it! How do they do it? After a 12-hour intense therapy session that is one-part rave and one-part leadership coaching we prepare to become Firewalkers. 30 bridges of fear are stoked, padded at each end with God’s green grass.  Adrenaline is high, fear is palpable, as is the excitement. A full day of high motion graphics, high achieving people, and high intensity training, culminate in this flummoxed state of invincibility. Barefoot we parade through the arena to the parking lot chanting “Yes” and heading in the direction of hot flaming lava. We move through the sea of hopefuls and high achievers, chanting and supporting each other (high fives everywhere). The line funnels – at first slowly, then quicker, then “oh shit” it’s me now. Trained mental gurus are prepping you and pumping your psyche every step of the way. The burning embers beckon. Avoid the gray coals as they are deceivingly the hottest. Don’t look down. Definitely do not look down. Focus on the sky as you repeat the mantra “Cool Moss”.  Somehow I wished I had done the VR version first.  First step.. cool moss.. my right foot planted into the 2100 degree coals. Next step… left foot planted a little too firmly with a little too much resolve. Oh shit, that hurt. My aching arch quickly derails my beautiful state as I complete the next six steps deliberately with full “oh shit” intensity.  No going back. No failure. Freedom is on the other side. Somehow, I make it and quite frankly a little shocked.

I am being hugged, and hosed off for errant embers. WOW. That was cool!  But my left foot though. Hobbling barefoot across the parking lot (not recommended mind you) after searing my feet and mind to gather our belongings and revel in our collective success. A few minor blisters treated with cool water and Alleve and a much earned bottle of champagne.  The victory was sweet. “If you are going to take the island you have to burn the boats.” TR

All in all, a tremendous experience. No matter the reason why you walk, catharsis is imminent.  Freeing myself from history and mistakes gives me a fresh start for success.  Comfort zone moved.. bucket list check!

How are you challenging yourself? What's on your bucket list?

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